Glen Scrimshaw

Winding Journey

Painted in 2017

Nov 2017
10.75x8.5 in.
11x14 in.

Production Run

59 Copies




Available Editions

Selling Price:
$ 7,500.00
Giclee Canvas
$ 180.00
$ 400.00



Congratulations to Cristi F for suggesting the name, "Winding Journey" in our contest to name this work.

A bright winter sunset turns the open river to the color of gold as the sun sets on the horizon. A spruce and poplar tree frame this beautiful scene as the water silently glides by on it's endless journey.

This piece is a reflection of Glen's own personal journey while painting it. Trapped in the tiny detail of this work is Glen and his family's own journey as he struggled with some health issues.

Glen's own "Winding Journey" made him think of how everyone has journey's of their own on a daily basis. To honor and hi-light what helped him on his journey he has hidden the following four words in this painting. One will need to look with a magnifying glass to find, "Faith, Family, Love and Hope carefully written in tiny detail.

No matter the circumstances you need to trust in those four words to get you through your own "Winding Journey!"

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